Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tea Time

Good TEAS Wednesday
Teas of My Travels

When traveling I like to purchase non-traditional souvenirs, particularly for my kitchen. A couple years ago, the theme was Christmas ornaments, this time it was "teas-to-go" though I generally ordered hot chocolate at the actual locations for "research" purposes. I've been very excited to share my tea collection with you!

I found this darling chalkboard in Domme, France which has great artisan shops.

The British Teas: FORTNUM & MASON Trio: Royal Blend, Earl Grey Classic & Afternoon; HARRODS: Afternoon Loose Leaf Tea.

The French Collection: Secret d'Hilgarde tea from the Fortresse Royale du CHINON, my favorite tea strainer from Teavana, Honey from the Thursday Market in DOMME, & Tisane Relaxante from Chateau de VILLANDRY in Loire Valley. 

Teapot from Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

For more of my tea posts check out the Macaron Party & some of my favorite teas!

 Bon Appetea!


  1. Tea can be Perfect little Gift!! Beautiful Post!


  2. smart idea!! you'll have to let us know which teas were your favorite :)

  3. I used to collect Christmas ornaments too! I love the tea idea. I think tea pots are so fun and absolutely keep us posted on which teas you loved. :)

  4. There's a Harrods here, did you have crumpets with clotted cream too? Divine, divine!



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