Thursday, July 28, 2011

B&B's for Sale

Travel Thursday

Forget staying in a bed and breakfast when you can BUY one! These B&B's in Northern California are currently available and have me wishing for investors...

The Ferndale Inn
Listed at a bargain of $924,500 in Ferndale, Ca.

The Brannan Cottage Inn
Listed for $1.3 million in Calistoga, Ca.

The Joshua Grindle Inn
Listed at $3.4 million in Mendocino.
This ocean front property features all kinds unique lodging
like the Dolphin House and the Water House (below).
Joshua Grindle Inn for a complete tour.

Happy Traveling!!
 Happy Hunting!

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  1. Oh my god they all look gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful places! If you find the investors and buy one - I will come for a stay! xxoo :)



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