Saturday, September 10, 2011

Celebrating Family

I've never really been one to embrace my culture, but after reuniting with family members whom I haven't seen in years, and seeing younger cousins you remember when they were "this tall" and now they have their own children, it's something that makes you just feel good. My Aunt was kind enough to treat us to a Mariachi band, but nothing was as special as seeing my Grandma light up as they serenaded her.  

Mom & I designed coffee mugs together too for all her siblings using my photography.

It's invigorating to have a blog post that my heart is in these days. 
I'm so proud of my family.

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  1. This is a wonderful post and a beautiful tribute to you and your family. Good on you for being so proud!

    Best wishes,

  2. Wonderful post! It looks like you and your family had a fun time! xxoo :)

  3. SO glad you are enjoying your family, looks like you all had a blast!
    Take care,

  4. Such a gorgeous tribute to your family, beautiful post.


  5. Loved it!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes. I am happy you were there present, enjoyed the time together especially the morning breakfasts. Love you.

  6. Love it! Wish I could have been there. Miss you and everyone dearly. Love you



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