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These purple coneflowers, otherwise known as Echinacea have been in bloom for about 4-6 weeks in our garden. They are beautiful in bouquets I've made around the house. Did you know the entire plant is edible? I honestly haven't sampled any of our own crop yet, but I've done a little research and have dried some of the leaves and petals.

A few days ago, we discovered these beautiful white and lime green coneflowers down the street when I was on a jog with my daughter, Allison and black lab, Hank.

At three and half years old, Allison is beginning to share an affinity of flowers with her mom. She has spent nearly every weekend with me outside in our rubber boots planting, watering, pruning, fertilizing, and making floral arrangements with me. When we bought our little acre last March, it was such a pleasant surprise to see all kinds of flowers bloom from spring to fall. We spent the first year discovering what our property offered us. Then in fall we ordered over 300 tulip b…

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