Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Things That Make ME Terribly Happy

Good day! Because it's Monday, I thought I would do something positive and post my version of the rockstar diaries version of what makes me terribly happy.

1. When the lights in the fitting room are actually flattering.

2. Fried Green Tomatoes.
3. When my very handsome boyfriend yells "Muffin!" loudly in public, letting everyone know his affection... knowing it embarrasses me.

4. When my cat Sage cuddles on my chest to feel my heartbeat.

5. Cupcakes with LOTS of frosting.

6. Seeing a movie on opening weekend when Hollywood has been shamelessly promoting it forever, and they hooked me from the previews.

7. Finding my fresh red tomatoes half eaten on the floor, because Sage couldn't resist her oddly favorite food for a cat, and pretending to be mad when I scold her.

8. Daydreaming about living in Switzerland.

9. Having a lazy day watching HGTV and Food Network.

10. When my boyfriend and I stay in on a Saturday night and pick up La Spada's subs and watch movies.

Oh yum!
By the way, this photo is from Magnolia Bakery Cookbook...
and what a cookbook it is!


  1. I love Magnolia! These cakes look positively divine. What fun on a Monday morning.


  2. Interesting indeed. Mmmmm Muffin , nice nickname. The food looks delicous, now I really am hungry.

    Have a great Monday Luv

    Duchess xx

  3. One of my very favorite cookbooks!

    Cute list!

  4. I'm totally in love with your list ... mmmm

    Made me happy :)


    ps, sounds as if liked the movie!

  5. I love it when the lighting is flattering too. Makes me feel happy about myself :)

  6. Love your list, shocked it has lots to do with food ;) and now i'm hungry. xo

  7. Laughing :) thanks everyone! Busted... food inspires me :)

  8. Please tell me where you're shopping because I have found no flattering lights ANYWHERE!

    My computer is being cranky and I've been trying to open your post all day! Success at last!

    Love your happy list and many make me happy too!!


  9. Where did you find #1? I'm still looking. Ah ha

  10. Oh my gosh........I call my Darling Hubbs Muffin! I've never heard anybody use that term of endearment before. When my dearest friend leaves a message on my machine she always ends it with "my regards to Muffin" ALWAYS makes me laugh...


  11. I need to get that Magnolia book NOW, I am in love with that cupcake photo.

  12. Such a great list. My fav is #10 - that sounds like my kind of Saturday night!



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