Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason

My boss brought back English biscuits (shortbread cookies) from London today. Wow! They were so good, I had to share. They were in a beautiful tin and offered three types of biscuits from different counties in England-- Cornish Fairings, Lancashire Flips & Yorkshire Parkin. My favorite is the cookie from Yorkshire Parkin. They are so buttery delicious!

I also had the pleasure to try the Fortnum & Mason square flavored chocolates, made in Italy. Ginger, Orange, and Cinnamon were creamy and exotic without being too pungent. The ginger and orange bars were a personal favorite. Running about L5.00 ($8.00) each, they are a luxurious treat.

Both are a perfect compliment to an afternoon tea.

Some interesting flavors that look good to try... Rose & Violet Dark Chocalate Bar and Mexican Mole Spice Dark Chocolate Bar.


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