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Sushi Bar at Grand Hotel Eden, Lugano
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Lugano, Switzerland

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When I was traveling in Switzerland a couple years ago, I participated in a lake cruise and dinner excursion with my tour group. We boarded on boat and listened to Italian music and drank wine as the sun set. After a remarkable tour of Italian villas and life in Lugano, we arrived in for a traditional Ticino dinner (a region in Northern Italy). The view of Lugano lit up like this as we dined lakeside from Italy facing Switzerland.

After dinner, as we were walking down the large cobblestone street, I remember falling behind the crowd to peer into this restaurant called Romantik. They had pale sage green table cloths with little white flowers and tea light candles on each initimate table. I couldn't help but fantasize about a proposal in this magical European city, that is both so Swiss and Italian combined in one.

Out of a dream!

Wish I was dining here tonight!

Grand Hotel Eden
& Spa


For more information on these wonderful hotels in Lugano, see info below. Bon voyage!!

Romantik Hotel TicinoPiazza Cioccaro 16900 LuganoTel. +41 (0)91 922 77

Grand Hotel Eden
Riva Paradiso 1 - 6900 LUGANO,
Switzerland Tel.: +41 (0) 91 985 92 00 -
Fax: +41 (0) 91 985 92 50 -


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