Blair Waldorf

Three Weeks & Counting...


I have been counting down the weeks for summer to end, just to see the fabulous fashions of Blair Waldorf on the new season of Gossip Girl beginning on Sept. 14th.

If life and fashion could only be so easy!

And wondering if the steamy "I want you--I don't want you" relationship between Chuck & Blair will continue in college. After the final scene in season 2, I was almost jumping off the couch, wishing I had a Monday night GG girl's party to share my glee, even if I am a decade too old to be this excited about such sillyness. So, I'll pretend it's only to observe the great Eric Damen & Meredith Markworth-Pollack brilliant costume designing.

XOXO - Gossip Girl


  1. Okay that's it ... I'll have to buy the GG DVD's. Blog pals rave about it, but I haven't seen it over here :(

    Got over the onion rings yet honey :o ... or the gorgeous Josh mmmm
    ps the first pic here didn't show up, but the rest are just gorgeous, love them all.

  2. Oh I can see the pic now .... how totally awesome .. love it. Better hit the store now to buy GG, cya.
    I want her green jacket.

  3. tick-tock-tick-tock...time tickin'
    ~counting down!

    xoxo indeed!

  4. I havent seen this, what is wrong with me, her fashion sense is out of this world! you have brought me to the light!!

  5. I cannot wait!! I just watched the finale again yesterday to refresh :)


  6. What beautiful outfits, I haven't watched this show before, but these photos really help to explain why everyone is abuzz about it!

    Thank you very much for your wonderful comments, honey - big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love her style, her clothes are just fabulous!

  8. I can't wait! Blair's character is my favorite!!!

  9. love GG,can't wait to start again:)

  10. Swoon! What fabulous fashion and I must admit that I've never watched this show, look what I've been missing!!

  11. Oh me too! I love gossip girl. Its one of my favorite shows (and I'm also 10 years too old to be watching it lol).

  12. Ahh. Blair equals such perfection. Shes so cute and her fashion is simply flawless.

  13. love love love this :) Thanks for letting me know :p I should do a post about more of her style too soon! My best viewed post is the one about Charlotte Casiraghi, in case you're interested... :)
    Thanks for following dear! Of course I will be here again soon - can't wait for more gorilla pictures :p


  14. Love it, love it!! You're amazing:)

  15. Blair is the best. I can watch the Gossip girl 24/7


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