I have been Graced...

by Her Grace the Duchess of Tea.

Please join us for tea today at Rose Tea Cottage in the celebration of "charming writers as Honorary Nobels of the Most Excellent Order of the Blog Empire."

The honorees are recognized for their vision, knowledge, charm, and humour.

Please don't miss this exciting celebration!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow that is exciting for you... Your Blog is beautiful...

    Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog for a visit. I love reading everyone's comments and I look forward to coming back to visit yours soon.

    I will be adding a new post as soon as I can get my hands on Romantic Homes Magazines annual Bed and Bathroom issue, which has featured my line of French Inpsired pIllows in it.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm honored to be reading such a beautiful and worthy blog...congratulations!

  3. wow...congratulations my dear...lovely award to a lovely blog!


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