Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia
"a food love affair"

yesterday i went to see julie & julia for the morning showing. i love going in the mornings because it starts the day off right, especially if it's a movie that has some meaning to me, or one i have been eager to see. then i have the rest of the day for whatever else, plus it's only $5.

the movie was tres charming, meryl streep did a fabulous job portraying julia child. her character was one to love, from her love of food, deep love for her husband, strong will and determination, to the classical american woman in love with life in paris.

amy adams was adorable playing julie powell, as she is in all of her roles. she was unfulfilled with her day job, escaped through cooking, and in need of a new goal and passion. a little neurotic but completely understandable, when those of us find a purpose and enjoyment in life again. it reminded me of one of my favorite fortunes i got from chinese take out once which i taped to my fridge... "discontent is the first step in the progress of nation or a man."

the real julie powell

i am a sucker for movies with this theme. i think most people can relate that it feels good to watch somebody who works hard to achieve their goal, someone who doesn't settle for ordinary, someone who moves to the beat of their own drum.

i'm so encouraged as i've discovered this in the world of blogging and witness many women who are creative and business oriented. i absolutely love it!!

after the movie, i was encouraged on many levels.

1. i was in love with julia child's apartment in france on the set, the french windows were beautiful.

2. i've been inspired to cook again ( i haven't much lately. i used to love it, so much that i worked at williams-sonoma for the discount!)

3. i bought mastering the art of french cooking immediately after. no, i don't have the same ambitious goals to cook my way through the entire book. but i like owning a little bit of timeless art.

4. i realized how homey and organized a tiny apartment can be like julie powell's. ( i often have the same complaint about cooking in tiny quarters.) hence, i also bought a few organizational pieces afterwords.

5. i will also add "my life in france" by julia child to my reading list.

6. i will also attempt the Beef Bourguignon this month.

7. hoping this makes my healthy boyfriend more adventurous in the food palatte department, he has come along way, but part of the reason i don't cook much anymore.

i hope you get the chance to see this movie. it is made not only for the love of food, but if you strive for a career you are passionate about, about realizing things don't always come easy, and that yes--paris is simply amazing. also, i think bloggers will appreciate the dedication julie powell shows in waking at 5:30 am before her day job to make sure the daily blog is done! :)

so go on... make a wonderful sunday night dinner!

and don't forget... the secret ingredient to all things delicious... BUTTER!

Bon appetit!


  1. Fantastic Post! I was taping off the windows to paint the frames with newspaper and saw the ad for the movie, I don't go often but I really want to see this one and now I'm dying to go after reading how inspired you were!

    Your right about butter...it does make everything taste delicious!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Ooo I loved that post, you really got so much out of the movie and thank you so much for passing on some tips to your blog pals.

    I'll have to catch the movie, I'm intrigued now!

    Have a lovely day,
    real butter is the only one for me:)

  3. Loved this movie.....I would love to get the book....I am not sure I would use Julia Child's cook book...I am not a fan of French food... especially the meat....but I do love butter!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi, Colette! Great post! I'm going to see the movie tonight, and I'm so excited! I also want to say thank you SO much for commenting on and linking my blog! I'm going to be making some layout changes on Little Hen Designs and I will be linking your blog! I'd also love to feature your Etsy shop soon! Take care and thanks again!

  5. I can't wait to see this movie!

    And yes, there is no other substitute for butter! It reigns supreme in all the best dishes!

  6. couldn't agree more.... great post on the movie!!! I want to try the beef Bourguignon too :)


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