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Let's Get Organized!!

I have always liked the idea of a wardrobe that was coordinated by only a few simple colors. The mix-n-match possiblities can really go far this way. Wonder if it would get boring? Maybe adding bright accesories would spruce things up? Scarves, necklaces, or hats...

Isn't this a great way to conceal a ironing board? I love this piece. Found on-sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Sale is still pricy though. But such a clean look... and even better, no more lugging the heavy board out of the closet!

Photo from Real Simple

And a fun bookshelf brightly color coordinated!
Hope this helps start the week of right... :)


  1. did you get in my head??? I recently saw this picture and loved the idea of simplifying my wardrobe like this, only mine would have a lot of black and white.

    I've been on the hunt for a cleaver way to hide my ironing board, thanks for the heads up.

    Saturday I went to a store that sells model home furniture and accessories and picked up a ton of books it the dreamiest pastel colors. I got 40 books for $8.63!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!!


  2. Hi Colette! How nice to meet another Disney alum! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope you'll check it out! Your blog is adorable! I love that picture of the color-coordinated books! How fabulous to have so many books and such a nice place like that to organize them!!! Happy Monday!!!

  3. Darling, I just stopped by to let you know that I have returned and that I had a marvelous time. I missed you too much to stay away longer!! Have a beautiful Monday.

    Duchess xx

  4. I don't think I could go bare bones with my wardrobe. I've tried. But that bookshelf display is so beautiful!

  5. that book case is amazing! thank you for the wonderful pictures!

  6. Great pictures! Thanks for sharimg some great ideas...

    If you get a chance come by my Blog for a visit and say hi. I have put up quite a few new posts and will be putting more up this week from the San Francisco International Gift Fair where my Pillow Collection was featured and Romantic Homes who has featured my Pillows in their beautiful magazine.

    Have a great week,

  7. I am so trying to get organized this out everything...I am off to read your last post ....just caught a bit of it...we just saw that movie last night...loved it...i never realized Julia Childs was so funny! Have an amazing week!

  8. the color coordinated books are brilliant!

  9. I organise my entire wardrobe by colours, it takes an awfully long time, but it's well worth it. Makes me happy looking for clothes to wear!

  10. I loove organizing after colors! :D that top wardrobe is just beautiful. :)


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