Makeover Monday

I was obsessed with the movie Clueless when it first came out. So much so, that I watched it almost everyday that summer of 95'. Even had my 2 year old sister, a decade younger than myself, toddling around gesturing a 'W' with her hands saying "Whatever!" and "As if!"
When I returned to school that fall, I even made it my mission to help someone less fortunate. I invited a classmate over, gave her some of my old clothes, and helped her with hair and makeup tips. I realize now, this could have offended her, but luckily she was very grateful, and saw the good nature in my gesture. And we both made a new friend in the process.

This weekend while I was crafting, I had the Style network on. I caught snippets of the show, "How Do I Look?" Ok, caught me, maybe it was more like a few shows back to back. But, there was one woman, Edith, who lacked major confidence, and couldn't seem to pull herself out of wearing frumpy clothes, looking ungroomed, and just overall being unkept. Her sister and sister-in-law bluntly told her that she looked uneducated, even though she was; and that she would have a hard time finding a job because she didn't take pride in herself.

After the show, I decided to finally get dressed (hence the crafting in pajamas til 2:30pm), and put a little extra into the daily routine, even if I was only going to the grocery store.

What amazed me though was the way Edith's face began to slowly light up as she tried on outfits her sister's and stylist chose for her. She had reluctantly tried them on, and didn't even want to open her eyes at first to look at herself in the fitting room. You could see the pain in her eyes, even though she had a beautiful smile. But the end result of her makeover was amazing, not only in her appearance, but her the way she lit up at the end of the show.

You can see Edith's before and after here at: Style Network: How Do I Look?

Have you ever undergone a major transformation in appearance? One where you didn't recognize who you were in the mirror? Weight loss? Hair cut? Or maybe one day you just woke up, left the insecurities behind, and could see how beautiful you really are?

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Remember just how beautiful you are on the inside and out. :)


  1. It's amazing how the right outfit can change your outlook on yourself!

  2. Great post! Here's to always letting our inner beauty take the stage!

  3. Oh that must have been so funny with little sis, going "whatever"!

    I checked out Edith, she has such a cute face and your right, she's so confident now and looks great.


  4. I spent the Summer, Autumn, and Winter of '95 in the exact same fashion. What a throwback! I love it!


  5. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    I will be honoured if you accept the award I am presenting to you by copy and pasting it on your blog.


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