Picnic Time is here...

Appreciate it while you still can. These lovely baskets are just to cute to pass up... or make your own!

Create a felt DIY Picnic Basket available from SweetiePieBakery on Etsy.

From the Robert Opie Collection. See the entire Bristish picnic line.

Get this basket at Dobbies.co.uk

The wedding picnic basket from Let's Go Picnic.

Also from Let's Go Picnic.


if you can't beat the ants....

invite 'em!

Available at Terry's Village for a Limited Time Only. Don't let these cute napkin holders, or attendees get away! They may just be the life of the party.


  1. I adore that pretty-in-pink picnic set. Positively fool-proof!


  2. I love picnic baskets, especially old ones - just can't resist them. Thank you for visiting Brabourne Farm and for leaving such a lovely comment. It's nice to meet another Westie fan - they are darling little dogs and I can't imagine our life without these two rascals. Leigh

  3. Adore the tube shape woven set!
    So charming!! Hope you are having a lovely week dear~

  4. So incredibly fantastic! I love eating outdoors and will take any excuse under the sun to spread down the gingham cloth and nibble a scrumptious picnic.

    Thank you for highlighting these superb baskets, I'm especially smitten with the heart shaped one!

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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