Travel Thursday

Dreaming of packing it in like Frances Mayes...

Ever dream of leaving it all behind for a life abroad?

The thought has crossed my mind multiple times...

But for now, how about
joining me this week in Tuscany?!

I have always dreamed about a cooking tour of Italy...

Check out TuscanyWay for a list of great places to consider.

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The host families, guides, and chefs look so friendly and their villas enchanting.

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Happy Traveling!


  1. Simply dreamy photography. Enjoy your time in Tuscany!


  2. Tuscany is a magnificent place, and the food is spectacular!

    Yes, I daydream of moving abroad daily!

  3. Oh me too ... even though I'm not great in the kitchen. Totally think it's the best idea. Am so in love with #2.

    Oh well, one day ;)

  4. Gorgeous Pix and do I ever dream of a life abroad? Almost everyday!!!

    I love Tuscany and the Tuscan style, it's the theme we are redecorating our house with.

    Lovely Post!!

  5. Oh yes, to escape somewhere exotic. Beautiful.

  6. What serenely beautiful shots...they really do make you want to turn your back on wherever you are now and go on an epic travel adventure.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I'm dying to visit there! The food alone calls to me!

  8. I am dreaming of going to those places. Tranquil and romantic!


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