What's for Dessert?

I've had a mad craving for buttercream today!

And while I have not been able to satisfy this craving even visually... because I've been searching

for the perfect cake... I did find this pic at Disneyfamily.com for the Messy Baby Faces Contest

presented by Walgreens. Click Here to vote for your favorite!

Way too cute...


  1. Iv'e got a craving for something sweet too!! Buttercream :)) yum yum. Reminds me of a tasty southern cake called "red velvet". They use a cream cheese frosting..It's been way too long, TIME TOO INDULGE!!!

  2. I think if I had a bowl of buttercream at this moment--I might just look like the baby in the pic :) delish.

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  4. Oh you're killing me, this is how bad I'm craving something sweet...I want to lick that baby's face! I know, I need help!

  5. Oh that is too hysterical!

    Oh Karyn, you got it bad honey ;o


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