Dog Days

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Mine was a little chaotic.

I looked and felt like this Hungarian Puli Sheep Dog.

On a positive note,

I was very excited to use my new

cleaning gloves from

on Etsy...

Aren't they so cute?
They make cleaning fun... almost.
Julie also makes adorable lunch bags
and reusable sandwich bags.
Great for Back to School!
I'm ordering more of her gloves
for gifts. But shh... don't tell!


  1. Wow, that dog looks like a mop! Those gloves are so pretty--I don't think I could stand to get them dirty!

  2. I love puli dogs! Seems right that you put the mop dog with the cleaning gloves. So sorry you had a chaotic weekend, sweetie. Here's hoping your week calms down.

    Thanks for your lovely note on my giveaway post. xo Gigi

  3. Oh those gloves are really pretty. I'd soo be too afraid to even use em. hehe. Aww sry to hear about ur chaotic weekend. I think that dog one some sort of prize. Maybe something good will happen this week! =) Hope it gets a lil better dear, have a good one!

    Great gift idea too!!

  4. Simply adorable...maybe if I get some my girls will want to clean....maybe not? I can't believe that that is a real dog...amazing indeed.

  5. Oh my Lord, what has happened to you!!!

    You got the gloves, I think they are so cute. Hope the week calms down for you honey.

  6. Love those dogs! Lily went to puppy school with a black one of those!

  7. Oooohhhh, I love "mop puppies" so very much! They are such preciously fantastic and unique creatures. Both the doggy and the elegantly fabulous gloves brought a wide smile to my face, thank you, darling girl!

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. the mop dog is hilarious!! veryy cute gloves as well!!


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