Farewell to Yet Another Icon

Oh lover boy....

I admit it's been years since I've watched the movie... and when it first came out, I was a little too young to understand. But even as a little, little girl one thing I did understand was Patrick Swazye was such a hunk, and all the cool older girls watched and quoted this movie over and over.
Wishing we could have a Blog Girl's Night In with popcorn and candy to watch this classic!


  1. Breaks my heart! Such a handsome and talented man that left way too soon. I take some comfort in knowing that he is no longer suffering. Love to join you for that Blog Girl's Night In.


  2. Count me in too....that was a classic movie, and terribly sad to hear about his death. I am reminded of an friend who I worked with many years ago,who I have since lost touch with. She was married but she was madly in love with Patrick Swayze, that was her dream crush and her husband didn't mind part of her heart going out to Patrick...My first thought was of her, when I heard of his death yesterday. XXOO

  3. I can't believe it. Poor guy. It's soo sad, but he's out of pain now. He will be remembered and missed. I think I'm going to watch Ghost or yeah Dirty Dancing later. Omg a huge blog girl party would be amazing.

    Hope having a good week!! I'm soo going to try those Nacho Cheese Quake bites. =)

  4. I love this film, such a great idea!
    So sad, loved his spirit of living to the end, x

  5. love Dirty Dancing...
    I'm really sorry:(

  6. I am so so sad. I really cant speak.

  7. Blog girls night in sounds like a wonderful idea...count me in!

  8. So sad...
    another reminder that life is so fragile, passed away in such a young age...

  9. This one got to me. Gone far too soon.

  10. This summer has witnesses loss after loss of beloved stars, it's so very sad. Let us all hope that the rest of year plays out more favourably for famed and common folk alike.

    Big hugs to you sweet dear,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Oh me too, that would be fun.

    It was so sad to hear of his passing, my parents saw him on stage in England a couple of years ago in Guys And Dolls and said he was just fantastic.


  12. I'm in! I'll bring the m&ms! fun!

  13. Fantastic actor/singer. Goodbye to PS. May he rest in peace!

  14. Hello darling, please forgive me for not visiting your lovely blog this week… life was very hectic at Rose Tea Cottage!!! Hopefully things will calm down this coming week.

    Have a sweet and lovely weekend.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥ ♥ ♥


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