On a Sunday...

The Florida Sky

When I first moved to Florida, I was in awe of the beautiful sky. I grew up in a smoggy area of California, where it rarely gets this blue. Then I went to college in Oregon where it is rainy and gray a good majority of the year. So, I have a huge appreciation for the beautiful fluffly cumulonimbus clouds and bright blue sky.

I also love the summers here, when the afternoon thunderstorms roll in. It does get hot and muggy, but the late night heat lightening storms are a true gift from above. Sometimes they last 30-40 minutes of the sky lighting up behind the clouds every few seconds. It's better than any fireworks display, especially knowing it's an act of nature.

Please excuse the telephone lines. :)
What is Your weather like today?


  1. Love the cloud pictures!

    Hot in Southern California!

  2. What beautiful photos! It's rainy and gray here today. The waves are really rolling in, and I love it! We've had perfect, sunny weather all month, so I'm ready for a few rainy days.

    Thanks for your great comments, sweetie!

    xoxo Gigi

  3. Hi, I have just now discovered your very lovely blog; you have been added to my "simply" blog club!

    All the very best,

  4. We have a bright blue sky which is just the most beautiful thing! Those grey rainy days can get old!

  5. Today the sky is clear, thank god! I love looking up at the skies too, i find it a very calming exercise.

  6. I love the blue skies of Australia. We have such a clear bright light here too. Bit too bright sometimes, just not today, overcast and a bit cold.

    Hope your weekend went well honey,

  7. Oooo I love to cloud watch! Beautiful pictures! I like the big puffy clouds. Oh woa you've travelled. I imagine the difference between florida and California being like night and day. I hate thunder but I like watching the lightnining. The weather in southern New York was dreary. I swear it can't make up it's mind what season it is. One day it's rain and 50's next day it's 80's, then the next 70 and gorgeous. lol. =)

    Hope you have just a lovely week girlie!!

  8. I love looking at the sky too...the best thing in life is free indeed! I woke up today & felt the chill, Fall season is finally here~

  9. Beautiful photos! I live in a smoggy area of CA too, so I'm grateful for your Florida sky photos. I can live through them. :o)


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