Good Eats Wednesday

Gluten-Free Girl
Well some may be good, and some so-so. It depends, but regardless it has to do with our palette.
I used to have an iron gut, and would eat anything I could get my hands. I planned dinner at lunch and so forth. Good metabolism...yes. I can't pinpoint the day it changed. It may have been my experimentation this year that maybe I don't have rosacea, rather a wheat allergy. Something my mother alluded to as, cute, when I was a baby... my rosy cheeks. Then I eliminated wheat from my diet which cleared up the cheeks, they were also no longer itchy. But when I went to Europe, wheat seemed to be all that was available, and when on a tour bus with low-blood sugar, you need something with bulk. (Which in my late 20's I'm finally realizing how beneficial fruit can be for that.) But as many gluten sensitivity books inform, once you reintroduce wheat, or any gluten back into your diet after having given it up--you then become aware how sensitive to it you really are. So, this is what I'm discovering.
Gluten sensitivity has to do with your small intestine not being able to digest food properly, and causes a 'leaky gut' and in extreme cases causes celiac disease. Gluten for those who don't know is: wheat, flour, rye, and barley. Unfortunately, this eliminates many things, as wheat and flour are key ingredients in many things, from bread, pasta, cereal, chips, crackers, cookies, and yes cupcakes. This can make things difficult if you want to dine out, take out, or grab a quick snack and don't want to be limited to a salad, or don't have a special gluten-free bakery within immediate proximity. It can be frustrating because it doesn't mean low-carb, but can often lead to that if you don't have the alternatives. Tapioca, rice, sorghum, and potato starch are a few alternatives for substituting gluten ingredients.

One product that has made my life easier this year is Mary's Gone Crackers. They are made of brown rice, flax, sesame, and quinoa seeds. Plus the benefit is the flax makes your skin smooth and face so soft. My favorite is the Herb.

This weekend, I discovered the blog Gluten-Free Girl, Shauna James Ahern, is also the author of the Gluten-Free Girl book.

Shauna's blog has recipes and food photography that look amazing, including links with all kinds of information about gluten. I can't wait to try a few recipes, and pick up her book this week.
Coincidentally, my boyfriend took a job with Alcat recently. They test for all kinds of food allergies. I'm dying to get tested to figure this out once and for all. He received his test results. He's OK with gluten, but sensitive to Halibut, Cayenne, and Cucumbers to name a few. Kind of cool--they test so many foods.
Do you have any food sensitivities?
It used to be such a turnoff to me, when I met picky people (men), as I used to consider myself a foodie. Now, I'm one of them. I can't even stick an RSVP in the mail for a wedding, because I don't know what 'Vegetarian' entails, and I'm currently over meat and chicken. (I'm pretty sure I poisoned myself with chicken last week.)

Aside from all this, I found 2 cool food items on Etsy this week that I had to share with you! One is not gluten-free. ;)
Dandelion Jelly from Alaska. Visit Swan Mountain Soap on Etsy.

And these beautiful cookies by SweetAmbs.

Wouldn't these be great for a tea party or bridal shower?

Bon appetite!


  1. those cookies are BEAUTIFUL!!! simply PERFECTION for an alice in wonderland tea party!!! =)

  2. I love Gluten Free Girl - have been reading her blog for a few years now and have her first fabulous book! I have not officially been diagnosed with celiac disease, but I do tend to go gluten free as much as possible - i feel oh so much better, as I've always had stomach issues. It really makes you think what you are putting in your body! Glad to see that you found her - she is wonderful!

  3. Oh my goodness, those cookies are adorable. I wish I could order some for my daughters upcoming birthday, will they last all the way to Australia...

  4. Oh interesting post, as I think we all have some allergy or another! I think I feel better if I don't have much gluten.

    Those cookies are the absolute best, love them.

  5. I adore these lovely so beautiful...even to match the china! wow....I am lucky I have no food allergies but her book looks amazing! Happy Week to you!

  6. I don't have any allergies to food and pretty much have a steel gut! Those cookies are fabulous! Love the colors and designs!!

  7. GASP! Those cookies are works of art! The Dandelion jelly is so unique. I wonder what it tastes like?

  8. I love the look of those gorgeous cookies!
    Gosh i dont think i could go gluten free, already being on a animal product-free diet, i think i would be left with nothing to eat lol :)


  9. Such chicly fantastic cookies...could one bring themselves to actually bite into such darling works of art? I think I'd want to lacquer them to hang as little pieces of art :)

    Thank you for sharing some of your journey with becoming gluten-free with us, sweet heart. As someone who has been eating for (or around, depending on how you look at it) two of my medical conditions for several years now (IBS and Interstitial Cystitis), I am phenomenally accustomed to having to cutout certain foods and adapt others to take on the rolls of those you've had to say good-bye, too. Still, why I truly wish I could just get up and nibble on whatever I please some days, always one for a challenge, I have found many ways to adapt my diet for the sake of my health over the years and can now generally keep food flare-ups at bay, so long as I stick to my medical diet strictly (key word there is "generally").

    Huge hugs to you my fellow medi-diet gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Oh man, we tried the gluten-free diet for a while and it was tough! My oldest son was diagnosed with autism and so we thought this might help him. We ended up not seeing too much of a difference and he was miserable, so we stopped.

    I love those cookies! They are little works of art!

  11. Darling these cookies are so adorable and they look so delicious, simply divine. How sweet of you to think of me when posting such delectable beauties. I am having tea as I am typing and would have loved to have a few of those here…

    Love, Hugs, Tea & Cookies
    Duchess xoxoxo


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