Good Eats Wednesday

Sweet or Salty?

I'm curious to know your weakness.

Image via Sailus Kitchen. Great recipe for homemade chips found here.

Chips and Salsa are my All-Time Favorite food. And there are NO Mexican restaurants in Florida that compare to those in California, or my mother's homemade chips and salsa. She cuts her tortilla and puts them in the deep fryer, salting them after they are fresh and hot. Oh my! And watch out at the Mexican restaurants. I order a la carte, just too squeeze in one, or uh... two baskets of chips. But as a chip aficionado--I am hard to please. And don't you dare serve me salsa from a jar!

But because Florida inhabits other Latin nationalities and not as many Mexicans, I have decreased my salt intake a hundred times over. Which for me is a good thing... because that means no more Cabbage Patch cheeks, something I used to monitor obsessively. ;)

But, nothing is ever perfect, and as I'm sure you can imagine my weakness has shifted from salty to sweet. Something I never saw coming. My little sister always had the sweet tooth, I feared she would become a diabetic just breathing in the smell of freshly baked cookies. Always too full to finish her veggies, but surprisingly had room for dessert. I was always proud of myself for never being enticed. But now... if you've got frosting, or raspberry jam filling--watch out!

This is my new weakness...

And wouldn't you know it... there is an Italian bakery a few shops down from my office. T-r-o-u-b-l-e.

There is a pretty post on Raspberry Linzer Cookies at The Salty Cod. I think I'm in heaven.

So, tell me... are you sweet or salty???


  1. Those chips and salsa are looking pretty tasty...add some guacamole and I am in!!

    I'm in the mood also for an espresso martini and a chocolate macaroon with coffee flavored ice a little of both for me...!

  2. I like salty food, but I can never pass up something sweet! Definitely sweet!

  3. Sigh. I love both. In fact, I love desserts that also have a salty element, and I adore pretzels dipped in dark chocolate.

    Those chips and salsa look delicious, by the way! xoxo Gigi

  4. Salty i think, though i love sweet too!

  5. Oh I have a weakness for chips and salsa too and you are right...California has the best! If I could pour salt on chocolate I would...but I guess that would just be plain ol' wrong!


  6. I think that when Salty gets together with Sweets they have beautiful babies :P

    ahk! thank you for the reference to my cookies! i'd nearly forgotten that post, over a year ago... thank you for reminding me, the raspberry story was in reference to a girl i know who was pushed too far. sniff.

    but your blog is so cute! youre from seattle area? very nice. and you ended up in florida :P moving to brazil. so. seattlites are crazy eh. hehe.

  7. Ummmm pretty much everything!!

    Oh my Lord, I could just eat your screen, that cookie looks so good....and the chips.


  8. I am both - that means serious trouble!!!!

  9. Both...combined at once, ideally. Put out caramels dusted with sea salt, pretzels with chocolate, fruit and nuts and I'm soooo there :) But if I simply had to pick one forever, I would probably veer towards salty.

    Scrumptious post...I think it's high time I go have lunch now :D

    Oodles of hugs, hon!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Sweet definitely. I got my sugar tooth late, so I've been making up for the times in my childhood when I didn't really like sugary food!

  11. Yummy!! Darling, a girl can get thick around the waist simply by visiting your delicious blog!!

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Those heart shaped cookie-pastry things literally made my mouth water. They look too good. Aww I hear ya on having the bakery down from your office...I have a Taco Bell less than a minute away from mine. Yeahhhhh thats a wee bit of trouble i get into. hehe. I agree totally, there's nothing like real salsa thats freshly made. Yum yum!!

  13. I think that I am equal parts sweet and salty!


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