New Uses for Old Things

Nothing tickles me more than this section in Real Simple. Maybe it's the green theme, maybe it's the thrift in me, or maybe it's the way they present how easy, cool, and simple repurposing can be.

Spaghetti as candle lighter. Hmm... wonder if it will cook it! ;)

Hair Straightener to iron between buttons.
Car wax for pruning shears.

An old tissue box to store plastic bags.
Dryer sheets to clean your iron.

An old light bulb box to protect as a photo mailer.
A creative way to wrap a present--an old jump rope!

All photos are from Real Simple.

And a slinky for a desk organizer. :)

Some of the things I love to repurpose.

1. Old cereal boxes for cardstock.
2. Jars and metal cans for floral arrangements.
3. Magazine and catalogs to place on the jars or cans (for my own labeling.)
4. Old clothing. I've stop donating it and started using the fabric for projects.
5. This post started because I was looking for an archived article I saw a few months ago about repurposing old clothing. A few of the ideas were:
a. Old bridesmaid dresses... have a tailor hem to a shirt level. The cocktail dress hem works too,
but how about pairing that new top with your favorite form-fitting jeans, and nice stilettos for a
night on the town with the girls, or a hot date.
b. An old 2-piece pant suit... have a tailor transform the pants to shorts, and take up the
sleeves to 3/4 length for a fresh version.

Lastly, Thank You to Jessica @ Chronically Vintage for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check out Jessica's blog, she always has the most original posts featuring timeless beauty. I admire how much time and thought she posts into each post.

And in no particular order, I would like to pass on to:
You may keep, or pass on, whatever you please.
Congrats to all these Stylish Ladies!!!


  1. I love repurposing, what a fantastic post full of wonderful ideas. I light candles all the time and usually use a tapper to light each of my candles, without fail the wax drips. I will now use Spaghetti to light my candles!

  2. repurposing is a passion around here, my husband and I are treehuggers, that was his alias in Iraq too HAHA!!! we use old dvds and cds, as well as the cases to make art project reports for my oldests animal science reports...homeschooling at its finest:) I love your blog...i really really do.

  3. I LOVE Real Simple. There's just something about the simplicity and usefulness of the magazine that makes the price really worth it :)

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so very don't know how thrilled I am!! I love your blog so I am extremely flattered!!

    Thank you....thank you....thank you :)

  5. I've tried that spaghetti trick and it doesn't work too well - the other ideas are cute!

  6. thanks for the great tips dear,I must try some of them:)

  7. Oh thankyou SO much you sweet girl.Very nice looking award too!

    I loved your post, got a couple of ideas to use myself.

    re comment: I laughed so much, was waiting for someone to mention that .... but it must be just you and me darling ... hmmm what's wrong with us!


  8. Fantastic re-purposing ideas, I especially like the idea of using a flattening iron to get between the buttons on a shirt. So logical, yet one of those "would never have thought of it in a million years" ideas.

    Thank you so very much for your immensely kind words, they brought a giant smile to my heart!

    Warmest hugs & wishes for a wonderful Wednesday to you, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. I LOVVVVVE this post...these are wonderful simple but brillant.

  10. Very cool repurposing ideas! Who knew you could do that with spaghetti!

  11. this is so...simple:)never heard of real simple before:)thanks for this post.the ideas are amazing:)

  12. I love the slinky idea! That's so cute!! When i go to tag sales & thrift shops I always try to look at hte clothes, ya never know what ya can do with them! Great tips. Now I gotta find a slinky...hmmm...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, the support is so appreciated & means alot. Thank you! xoxo

  13. thanks so much for the award sweetie,sorry I missed it the first time:*


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