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Puss In Boots from Shrek 2

This weekend my boyfriend decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for an early Saturday morning treat before dawn. Only 50 yards away from home in a residential area, a neighborhood cat ran out in front of him.
(Now let me explain, we have 3 cats, one that looks just like Puss In Boots from Shrek--same big pupils and all--his name is Boots. His brother Calvin, the Good One. His mom surprised him with them a few years ago after he split up with his ex-girlfriend. He's a manly man... and didn't admit when we first started dating that he had them. Then when I moved in with my little girl, Sage, the one who is always into everything, we became a crazy cat family... but we love them all and couldn't imagine life without them now.)
Needless to say, his first reaction was to swerve. And that he did... side swiping a parked car and head on into a tree. He is ok... except whiplash and being devastated. Luckily he was only going about 15 mph because it was right in front of a speed bump which may have made the swerve a little worse. However, we are still waiting to see if his car is going to be 'totaled'.

For this reason, my 'travel' has consisted of chauffeuring him to work and home. We are lucky it is on the way to my job, but he gets out an hour later than me, so I've been blogging later, and doing my best to keep up with everyone, even though completely fried, and no amount is caffeine is keeping me alert, with it, or motivated.

I always try to keep things bright and cheery here. Just wanted to apologize and explain the slight lack of umph and no mental vacation this week--even though it's probably exactly what I need. So until next week...
I'll be Driving Miss Daisy. ; )


  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you - glad your boyfriend is ok. You know, I started my blog to have a happy place to go to as I have been inundated with grief the last few months and few years for that matter - losing my 2 best friends to cancer and my dad to a I try to keep it light too...but never apologize for talking about real life things that are happening....we all go thru it and understand...Sending you love and hugs...XXOO

  2. So sorry, Colette! I hope your boyfriend will be on the mend very soon. You have a great attitude about it. Take good care of yourself, sweetie!
    xoxo Gigi

  3. sorry to hear this dear, I agree with have such great attitude... Have a good rest! ~Peace*

  4. What an amazing boyfriend, great attitude, and grateful cats in your neighborhood--good luck with the car!

  5. Hon,As long as your honey is doing Ok,You do what you have to.Glad the kitty is Ok.Cars can be replaced.He can't.I love cats,but can't have any.I have to many peacocks walking about.Would be to big a temptation.LOL...You take care.XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. Don't do the big eyes!! I love that cat! I love all cats actually, and I would do exactly the same as your dear boyfriend. Hang in there honey, take it easy.

    I love the last pic!

  7. oh no!!! what a sweet guy to avoid the kitty though:)

  8. {{{Huge hugs}}}

    Sweet dear, I'm very sorry to hear about the strife that has befallen you and your fellow this week. I truly hope that both of you and the car are able to come through this experience in one piece. Don't worry for a nanosecond if you're not able to be around as much, just focus on taking care of you and your sweetie. We're all here for you!

    Healing wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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