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One of America's best fall locations.

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In my senior year of college, I took a business entrepreneur class as a final elective. My professor had designed the software Business Plan Pro, sold at Best Buy, etc. Our final project was to create a real business plan for a dream business, as if we were really going to present it to a bank for assistance. My choice was a run a Bed & Breakfast Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

I still dream that one day I can run this small Inn, spending my days baking, planning small events, writer's getaways, craft workshops, culinary escapes, hosting an intimate wedding occasionally and just enjoying life in a beautiful home with a garden in a serene setting.

Confession, I still have never been to Asheville, and for the past 2 years have been wishing to go each fall, but other circumstances have prevented it.

Asheville has so many exciting things to do outdoors, and beautiful drives in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and Smoky Mountains. About once a month, I peruse on BBOnline for Inns For Sale.

I had my eye on The Lion & the Rose (above) forever. It was on the market for a few years, and I would just dream of the day. Looks like they have new owners, their website and blog makes me wish I was part of the family. Maybe one day when they are ready to retire... :)

Here are a few other breathtaking places to stay...

The Biltmore Estate at Christmas.

Most images found via Romantic Asheville.
To learn more about Asheville, check out these great sites:

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  1. Just beautiful! If you ever buy one, I will be one of your first guests....!! I've never been to Asheville, so I am looking forward to it! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Woa Beautiful!! The red in the trees is gorgeous. Aww i hope you do run a bed & breakfast one day!! I have a feeling it would be soo cozy! I've never been Asheville either, it looks really pretty!

  3. Stunning, so autumny , I love the colours.
    Love & Hugs

  4. Ha, i, like you, love to cyber travel. Perving at beautiful places online to stay is a great way to spend the afternoon.

  5. Oh my goodness they are SO gorgeous. You have to run an Inn honey and I'll come stay ... I'll be a really well behaved guest ... promise.

  6. I can smell the clean air through these photos. Breathtaking! The place is awesome!!!

  7. Be still my heart, it's all I can do to keep from going weak in the knees over those resplendently wonderful Victorian homes! My dream house would most definitely resemble just such an abode :)

    Delightful virtual journey, sweet heart, I loved every moment of it. Thank you!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. I'm sure it's even more glorious in person...That balloon ride must be beyond amazing! ~xo*

  9. That is such a lovely dream! I do hope it comes true. Ashville really looks like a beautiful town. Who can resist living in the mountains?

  10. I still have yet to stay at a B&B and I'm dying to!

  11. great recs, so beautiful. i was thinking if i should do a small part of america by rail after my exams. i've never been to the east coast. do you have any recs for a single woman with a week to spare at the end of this year or start of next year (budget'll be an issue but never mind that now)? thanks in advance!


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