Dream Jobs

Part 1.

  Those who know me, know I'm very imaginative about what I want to be and what I want to do. My problem is not knowing what I want to do, but narrowing down what I want to commit to completely without getting bored or wanting to switch gears yet again. My wants change seasonally because I have so many interests, but I'm pretty consistant about being practical, and I'm finding that practicality is paralyzing, because it's hard to be brave, or even stupid, to abandon what is safe.

   I'm creative and hands-on, a little shy, and can be a marketing genius when time and money allows, but fearful to pull the trigger or jump start anything. Blogging and Etsy have allowed me to experiment and have fun focusing on some of the things I love, but I'm still sitting at the desk under flourescent lights, wondering if my educational loans were all worth it. Because I'll admit I'm still dispersing the mail, answering phones, and data entry, pretty much the same tasks pre-degree except with a little better salary. All things I wouldn't mind doing if for the pleasure of my own business. I know, I know I should be grateful, because of the many who have lost their jobs and would be grateful for my opportunity, but I think most people can relate it is hard watching the years go by sitting on the sidelines, watching the star players live out their dream.

  So until that day comes when I decide on my niche, no need for sympathy, just a little Monday gripe, this is the perfect excuse for a Monday escape with a mini-blogseries focusing on Dream Jobs and success stories. What better way to start a Monday?

So for starters, here is a little background on me...

My Degree: Bachelor of Science in Journalism- Magazine &  a business minor.

What I intended to study when I applied to colleges: Film Production / or Screenwriting
(Of the 6 colleges I was accepted in to, film was not offered at the University of Oregon, where I attended.)

My Actual JobClient Services Manager for a boutique investment advisery firm.

(That's me subserviently playing the part of dutiful employee. Remember when Emily in the 'Devil Wears Prada' says, "I love my job. I love my job. I love my job." in her cute British accent.
Yeah...I love that line.)

So there you have it my friends, after months of blogging, my personal resume on a post and my heart and soul exposed. I know many of my blog friends have careers they love and that I so jealously love. So if you are interested in guest posting your success stories, interview, how-to, or general advice (on blog or privately), email me at nicoletterenee@hotmail.com.

Here's to a new week! :)


  1. Hello there,

    We have some similarities I do believe. I went to University of Oregon for 2 years before deciding that I could no longer push aside my desire to major in film production so I left Oregon and headed South to Chapman University in Southern California. Anyway - this post just caught my eye with that. Where do you live now? I can totally relate to your feelings in this post. Those of us in need of a creative outlet understand!!!

  2. Been there. I too embarked on a "career" after graduating that didn't utilize my passion, skills or degree. I finally had the guts to leave it permanently after I had my little dude. I couldn't let my 30s slip by unhappy at my job(s) like my 20s did. I hope that you are soon able to pursue your passion!

  3. Well, I have nothing to say yet about my career path...since I'm still in school (studying corporate finance and accounting)...but I have a feeling that I will not really like the corporate world as much as other people. Maybe, my view will change in a few years, but I doubt it... I think I'm just doing it for practicality. But I agree, blogging has been a great creative outlet...and I'm still deciding what to do with my future :)

  4. You have to try NaNoWriMo! I'll cheer you on! My user name on there is Disco Dolliee.

  5. Beautiful!!! When I was a teenager, my dream job was to work in a magazine - writing, photos and layout. It didn't happen. :( Instead, I geared to accounting, which I am a graduate. It became monotonous to me and boring; until I found my love - photography . . . and blogging!!! Thanks to the internet, I can write, layout and virtually make my own magazine! :)
    Fabulous job, you have . . . and an even more fabulous path to walk into... Goodluck!

  6. Hi Sweet Colette,
    You must follow your dreams...life only becomes shorter! It does take a LEAP of faith to pursue your heart's desire, but if you don't, you will only regret it. Remember my post from Friday about the little ideas and thoughts that tickle and nag, well they truly are your destiny and you must chase after them. It is hard to do when the 'responsible grown up' things creep up into daily life, but they will always be there. Believe in yourself, for in this belief, nothing is impossible. I could easily talk about this subject all day and night, but I will stop now and try not to bore you any longer.

  7. Hehe, I was expecting to read about you having the best job in the world! I love your honesty here, and I'm glad (kinda selfish) to see that not every blogger out there has perfect jobs, working from home doing ONLY what they love..

    I took Media Science one year, didnt like it, moved on to Illustration, was supposed to go there 2 years, looooved it for one year and stopped cause i moved back home and started working as a graphic designer instead. :P Which I've now been doing for the past 4,5 years. I like it, but my dream job would be to work full time as an illustrator. Oh my, how fun that would be. :)

  8. Hi Honey .. I have to say I agree with everything Mel said. Go for your dreams girlfriend.

    big hugs DJ

    ps love your profile pic, mum will be pleased, you have your lippy on.

  9. Thank you for the nice comment, Colette! :) I would love to be able to publish something some wonderful day.

    And like everyone else in here, I hope you follow your dreams. :)

    btw - what you wrote: "it is hard watching the years go by sitting on the sidelines, watching the star players live out their dream." really spoke to me. I dont want to just sit on the side, watching everyone else succeed! It's all about getting the act together and reach for the dream. :) thanks for inspiring me!

  10. My immensely electric soul finds itself empathizing with, and relating to, a lot of what you shared here. I think you are a beautiful writer, a truly dear person and a very creative individual, and I really believe that your career destiny will find you one day, sweetie!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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