Happy Halloween!!!


Happy 50th Birthday to My Dad!!!

Images via MarthaStewart.com

Love you Daddy!

(It is also my step-brother's birthday today too. Happy Birthday Evan!)

Trick or Treat!!


  1. I love this post!! Your dad looks like such a sweet man!!! And you two look so happy... as any father & daughter should.

    That is one of the sweetest photos I've seen. Truly.

    And those photos from Martha Stewart -- to die for.

    Great post!


  2. I hope your Dad enjoys his special day! Love the photo of you two and the pumpkin photos are fabulous!

    Happy Halloween Sweet Friend!

  3. Halloween is the perfect day for a birthday! Happy birthday to your dad, and Happy Halloween to you, my friend!

    I love that pumpkin snake!! xoxo Gigi

  4. Happy Birthday, thanks for Colette!!! ;)

    I love all the photos...pumpkin scenery and architecture all speak to me...
    Have a wonderful weekend missy!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Love the pictures, awesome! Happy Halloween, Nicolette! XXOO

  6. Aww Happy Halloween!! I love the pic with the owl jack-o-laterns. hehe. Happy Birthday to your dad & step-brother!! Have a great Halloween. =)

  7. 50 never looked so young : ) Happy b/day to your dad! VERY sweet photo of the two of you. Happy Halloween!

  8. love them all. Happy Halloween to you too !

  9. Great photos! People are so creative. Happy Halloween!

  10. Oh just loving all the pumpkins honey. Lovely post and a big "Happy 50th Birthday" to father and your step-brother .... just without the 50!

    Happy Halloween,
    nice picky of you both

  11. Happy Halloween! Great Halloween pics!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Halloween posts!, Best Wishes Torie Jayne x

  12. Oh Sweetheart...Now I can see where you got your good looks from!!! Your Dad is a very handsome "young 50". I'm sure he is very proud of you..Happy Birthday to him and your stepbrother...and happy halloween :)

  13. Such splendidly wonderful autumnal and Halloween shots, I hope that you had a deeply wonderful All Hallows Eve, sweet friend! Huge happy birthday wishes to your dad and step-brother.

    Endless joyful wishes to you for a fantastic November!
    ♥ Jessica


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