Monday, November 16, 2009

Dream Jobs

Part II.

A few weeks ago, I posted the beginning of a Monday series about Dream Jobs. Here is another one of my dream jobs...

No, it's not Buddy the Elf!
 as played by Will Ferrel in Elf.

It would be a book editor like his father Walter. :)

If I had to choose to be stuck in an office working for a major conglomerate it would be...

Random House.

I have a fantasy that entails reading manuscript submissions all day. I am way better at editing than I am writing. I would be a kind editor. One that sees promise in all stories, whether they need work or not. I would offer suggestions of what could work better. I would see to it that I could find a market for each specialty book once in tip-top shape. If working to fit a company's budget, and it just didn't work for the book publisher I worked for, I would send a writer in the direction that may best suit them.

Ahhh... yes... to be in editor with a peaceful Manhattan office (if such one exists). I could read, edit, and assist. Wouldn't that be wonderful???

On, the subject of Elf, I decorated for the holidays yesterday and put up the tree. Ornaments are tonight!!! So, did I beat everybody?

And one quick reminder before you go:

Take one small step everyday to living your dream...


  1. Love this series of dream job would be any job were I'm the boss! lol

    Yep, you certainly beat me! Have fun decorating your tree tonight!!

  2. hehe the Elf reference made me giggle. Oh this would be such a glorious job. You'd have sooo much power!! Whenever I get my act in gear and write the novel I want to write I'd so give it to you to revise. =)

    Oh yeah you beat me!! I don't even have a tree yet. Best wishes doing the ornaments tonight!! Cheers hun!

  3. Wow, I haven't even begun to think about Christmas! You are amazing. Hope you'll show pictures of your tree!!! xoxo

  4. Hmmmm, Buddy the Elf might be okay too. Especially given the craze in the business environment of late :)

  5. You so beat me!!! I bet it looks beautiful. Just watched that show Elf on the weekend ...I love it..every Christmas we get it out and watch it a least 3 times.

  6. You totally beat me! I can't even think about Christmas until December 1st! :)

    Bet your tree will be lovely since I can only imagine the gorgeous ornaments you will be using! ;)

  7. You definitely beat me with the tree...I usually don't put mine up until a few weeks before Christmas, but I decorate the house a bit earlier...

    I love your dream can edit my books!! :)

  8. Oh you totally beat me missy! Oh I so wish you could have your dream job at Random..Wow!

    Sweet day honey,

  9. I had the same dream in college. Maybe we could share an office? Random House are you listening? Ah ha ha

  10. That would be such an awesome job!

  11. That would be an awesome job, but I doubt an editor has a peaceful office. Can't wait to see pictures of your tree!



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