Holiday Planning

Nifty Place Settings
& Worksheets

I love the place settings for the holidays featured in Real Simple magazine.
Especially the use of nature and simple supplies.

It doesn't get any easier than wrapping bottles in twine.
And it looks so earthy...

Even crayons!

Make a bouquet of crayons for the kids table
 out of styrofoam and a box of crayons.

Have glass plates?
Unpeel wrappers off a few crayons of similar shades
put into a cupcake mold. (Ten crayons will fit in a mold.)
Bake at 450 F. for 5-7 minutes.
Pour on glass plate, tipping for abstract affect.
Work fast, wax dries quick.
When ready for clean up, pop dishes into freezer,
wax will peel off.

Pretty twigs, orchids, and tissue paper.

All setting are less than $50,
probably a lot less than that if you are uber-economical! ;)

Visit Real Simple for all how-to instructions HERE.

Real Simple also offers awesome holiday worksheets to keep you on track. Click below to print them for your household if you have Adobe:

Gift Budget Worksheet
Holiday Gift List

And... click below for the,
Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist.

Happy Planning!


  1. I like the twigs with orchids centerpiece. You can never go wrong with orchids. Oh I dream to have a dining room table one day of my very own that I can decorate. Anything with the word "Simple" calls to me. hehe. I'll definitely check out Real Simple. =)

  2. I can't believe it is time to prepare for the holidays - yikes! Thanks for giving me some great ideas.

  3. How enchantingly gorgeous, I especially love the subtly Japanese vibe of the last turquoise table - so serenely wonderful.

    Tremendously big thanks, sweet dear, for your wonderfully kind comment about my Halloween outfit photos. You're the best, honey - don't worry for a second about not being around more. I hope you're having a lovely month!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. those are GREAT ideas! thanks! how did the holidays get here?? where am I?

  5. these are great!thanks for sharing sweetie


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