Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I've been busy Condo hunting this past couple of weeks!

Which is why my blog and book writing have been a little sporadic...

but I may have narrowed it down.

Anyone who has purchased a home or even considered it,

knows how consuming it can be.

Naturally, I couldn't have picked a better time

with the holidays and my NaNoWriMo challenge,

but sometimes opportunity knocks.

I miss reading my daily blogs...

and do visit often,

although sometimes

my internet seems to freeze

when I try to comment,

and no longer have the leisure to check at work (shh!),

so I try when I can from my little iPhone.

Thanks to everyone for your continued friendship

and following!



  1. Oh you were one of my first friends I made on here, I'm not going anywhere. *Hugs* Condo hunting?? I'm there too, trying to look at options. Watching House Hunters & Property Virgins & I think it's called My first place on HGTV is really motivating.

    I hope you find a place where you walk in and say, "Omg this feels like home". Good luck girl!! Happy almost Thanksgiving!!! =)

  2. Sounds like an exciting time! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Oh wow how fun, or are you over it honey. Sounds fun anyway. Oh bummer about no more work blog peeking.

    You take care and we know you are still there honey.

  4. So happy for you Colette! What an exciting time...I'm having a hard time finishing my writing too girlie. Let's try to inspire each other this weekend. Have an amazing Wednesday. Kori xoxo

  5. Good Luck on the House Hunting....that is exciting! keep us posted and check in when you can, we'll be here!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Nicolette! xxoo

  6. House hunting is grueling! But it is a huge reward when the key is finally all yours!

    Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Good luck with the hunt! Few things in life are more exciting. I hope you'll let us know when you find your dream condo!!! xoxo Gigi

  8. Good luck on your house hunting! I know it'll be fun... :)

  9. Exciting time I think...all the best & enjoy the process i hope!
    xo as always*



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