Sunday, November 22, 2009

Horn of Plenty


A wicker cone-shaped basket filled with fruit and vegetables. The harvest cone is a symbol of abundance and women's fertility.


A time of year to realize what is tangible in your hands and to taste natural food, simply and deliciously.

Art by Olbinski

I find myself amazed at how wonderful apples have been this month. I don't think I've ever appreciated a crispy, but juicy Fuji apple (my favorite) more in my life than I have this month. I wonder how these delicious softball-sized fruit of goodness just plop from a tree like candy. It makes me think of how the oldest story known to mankind derives from an apple (fruit) tree.

Which makes me also think of the book I read earlier this year, The Ominivore's Dilemna, by Michael Pollan. The book takes an in depth look at corn, and how corn is the ingredient of 50% or more of processed foods, whether it be sugar based or in corn meal form. But what strikes me is how corn is one of the only foods requiring the hands of man to be reproduced. A single cob that falls from the stalk is not able to grow on its own by course of nature. The husk traps the kernals--it has to be shucked. Once shucked, the kernals have to be plucked and seperated because it wouldn't be able to sprout amongst all the others kernals, there would be too many kernals within the vicinity and therefore stunt the growth of others, not allowing hardly any single kernal to flourish into becoming a fully developed stalk. Makes you wonder how it all began?

Click HERE to read a NY times review of the book.

So, I'm reminded how awesome it is that science, nature, and man come together--creating little miracles of taste and supplying nourishment. Especially after spending numerous hours watching the Food Network, and becoming a harsh critic of my own experiments in the kitchen, it is nice to step back and look at the full picture in this week of giving thanks.

Here's to a Bountiful Harvest!


  1. Beautiful post Colette. These words speak volumes to my food-loving heart!

  2. Interesting post honey! I'm noticing you're not writing much lately! I'm struggling to get done. Hope you can finish too sweetie! Keep it up! Kori xoxo

  3. Hi Colette,

    An interesting post indeed and it is amazing how it all comes together...I for one am glad it does.

    Sending warm Thanksgiving wishes your way sweet friend!

  4. The dude has just discovered that he likes apples, so we've been doing some serious apple damage this month!

  5. Great post! I bet that was an interesting book. My husband has been loving apples lately, too!

  6. I love apples. I used to have a cran apple tree in my grandma's back yard. It was so much fun to pick the apples. That sounds like a pretty cool book too!! I like Cornucopias i think they are beautiful decoration!! =)

  7. This is a wonderful post, Colette. I love Pollan's writing, and I love thinking about the origins of the foods we eat.

    You are so right about Fuji apples!!!

    xoxo Gigi

  8. Awesome post, Nicolette! I have been on a big apple kick this month and Fugi's are my faves! xxoo



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