Monday, November 30, 2009

Snow Creatures

In love with these precious little guys...

Little Red Cardinal

Love his little mohawk!

Beautiful Snow Owl

Nothing better than howling

at the snow.

Or prowling in it...

Tis the season

to gather around with friends

and have a little fun in the snow!


  1. Snow owls make my heart sing...well, actually, all little birds make me happy!

  2. You said it - bring on the snow! I was just saying how much I would love a snow day. It feels just about cold enough here in Portland, but not quite. AWESOME pictures. That cardinal made me feel happy and that owl made me feel peaceful. Thank you!

  3. Awe! SO so pretty! Love the red birdie-reminds me of the beautiful cardinals in my Grandmother's beautiful snowy yard oh so many years ago. I shared your lovely ornaments on my blog post for tomorrow. So pretty:)


  4. What what beautiful little creatures! This post just made me smile. : )

  5. These are so wonderful!!! I love snow :) and snowy animals, soooo cute! Thank you very much for including my little birds in your post!!

  6. beautiful photos! those snow owls are adorable! have a great day! xxoo

  7. Awww how cute!! Love the wolf. I've always wanted one of those doggies that looks like a wolf. They are too cute in the snow. =)

  8. These photo's are just the best. I adore each one, the snow on the wolf's head, so sweet.

    I love the last one, I think it has each animal pictured in the post! Love it.

    Happy December friend,

  9. Awwwww....awwwwww.....awwwwww! These shots are so immensely precious (yes, even the more ferocious critters), thank you dearly (from one animal lover to another) for staring my day off on such a terrifically cute note!

    Huge hugs & blissful Wednesday wishes, honey!
    ♥ Jessica



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