Thursday, November 12, 2009

Travel Thursday

Little Luxuries
      for the Traveler...

Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Personalized Velvet Travel Jewelry Roll
Available at Pottery Barn
and on sale for $19.00

Purchase HERE.

Take note friends and family!
Wow, blogging is a great way of posting a virtual Christmas list!
Hint, hint... ;-)

Pretty luggage
on sale at Pottery Barn
Love that duffle!

The Grown Up's Lunch Bag
Love the tan fold over bag!

Travel Alarm Clock
only $39!
(It really doesn't get better than this clock.)

Santa, are you listening???

I promise I've been good this year. :)


  1. What a gorgeous travel clock....a must have for a gypsy like me!

  2. That is a wonderful travel clock! And you are absolutely right about your blog being your Christmas list...I have already dropped a few hints to my family on mine too....haha...

    Have a great day! xxoo

  3. haha that is a good idea. Maybe Ill do a list on my blog.
    The luggage is gorgeous!
    Oh Pottery Barn, how I love thee.

  4. These are so chicly wonderful! I especially love the velvet jewelry rolls.

    Thank you deeply for your amazing (and immensely kind!) comments, honey, each one means so much to me.

    Huge hugs & beautiful wishes for your Friday and weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I love those jewelry rolls Colette! I want one too! Thanks for the sweet comments on my Dita Von Teese post...I am trying to meet this requirement for the novel. I see you are increasing your pages too. I'm needing a little inspiration at times, so I will keep in touch. Good luck honey...Kori xoxo

  6. I totally have that PB jewelry roll! And get this. My bloggy partner and bestie, Meg, and I got them for each other in the exact same color, with the exact same font without knowing that the other was buying it. So eerie.

  7. God, those are fantastic items. I need them all! I someone takes the hint and gifts you some of those fantastic items.

  8. Those velvet jewelry rolls are stunning. I think I have a pottery barn near me!?! I'm definitely taking a trip this spring so ooo maybe I'll santa too for some of these. hehe. Great idea!!

    Aww hun I hope your week gets a lil better & the interview went good..Jobs are like getting hit in the head 5 days of week. heh. I wish you all the luck I can give. =)


  9. WOW. I just love {LOVE} that duffle! What a steal.




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