Travel Thursday

Purnumukan Porofarmi

Reindeer Farm in Finland

Won't you join me for a little winter wonderland,
reindeer sleighride, lunch and storytales fireside?

This reindeer safari excurision if 4.5 hours long.
They provide warm Finnish clothing,
a reindeer sleigh ride through the Sami village,
and provide hot coffee and lunch by the fire
in a tee pee in the forest.
You will even receive an
International Reindeer Driver's License!

Visit their site HERE.
Oh how I would love to touch those pretty antlers!

Happy Traveling!!


  1. Wow..this is great! I had no idea you could even do this! Kori xoxo

  2. I guess I slept through this day at biology class, i honestly didn't think reindeers were real animals. I recently found out they are. lol. I just thought it was a male deer. I'd totally go to Finland & get my reindeer driving license. I love that idea =)

  3. Bonjour! What a great post - this sounds like such fun. I just found your blog and so glad I did, I've enjoyed reading through all your posts and I'll be back soon!

  4. Oh that would be such fun, I'd love to join you honey!

  5. how amazing is this?


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