Dream Jobs

I'm continually amazed by how encouraging comments from fellow bloggers can be.
My dad likes to tease me, that it is "stroking each other's ego."
Whatever. Thanks dad.
But seriously, the friendships I've formed from blogging have really motivated me that anything is possible. I know it sounds cheesy, but I think many can relate. Since blogging, I started Etsy, actually stuck with projects I started, despite my lapse during the holidays.
There really is a good reason, which we will leave at that for now.

So, this weekend I took baby steps in getting to that dream job destination.

1. I applied as an Senior Editorial Assistant in San Francisco.
2. I submitted many photos to Frommer's Travel Photo Contest.
    Enter HERE. (No, scratch that--you will be my competition. Google the link on your own!)

JK! A big Thank You to all for making "Dream Jobs Monday" a little closer to reality.

Happy Monday!


  1. Fantastic! Good luck to you! I would love to see some of your photos.

  2. You rock, sweetheart! I just quit my job last week. Yup. I'm starting over fresh, and your post was just what I needed to read. Life goes on, and I plan to come out on top, and I know in my heart that you will, too.

    Big hugs,

  3. Way to go girl....that's just fabulous.

  4. I think we just get to see all the good, and that people wouldnt be willing to share their lives if there wasnt something wonderful going on, so of course we think you can do this, we all love your heart, I know I am not just speaking for myself.

  5. I think blogging is so much more too. It helps people. Oooo best wishes on the job & the contest!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! =)

  6. Wow, good for you Nicolette....I am very proud of the steps that you are taking...that is fabulous! You will be in my neck of the woods - kinda sorta....:) xxoo

  7. How cool that you applied for a dream job of yours! :) I really hope it goes well for you, and if it doesnt turn out to be this job - you'll get something later. :)
    I too appreciate the comments and friendships I make through blogging. One should take care in considering less of friendships online, I'm sure they are equally worthy! People are people - and most of us are honest ones. :) Whishing you a great day!

  8. Good luck, I am a HUGE fan of working hard to follow your dreams! That is why I am here in Italy. :)


  9. All the best dear~
    I adore the blog community as well, we are here to support each other no?!~thanks dad!
    ps: thanks for your kind words, it's been such a help on my bumpy days!
    xo as always*

  10. Bonjour Colette,
    Good luck with your photos and the dream job. Keep up the good work- but you are right bloggin has a way of inspiring you to just do better!
    Have a fabulous week!

  11. Good luck to you! You have the right attitude. Follow your heart!


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