New Year & New Beginnings

First of all, I want to apologize for being AWOL the past few weeks. I missed Blog Land and all Blog Pals. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperpous New Year! Thank you to everyone who continued to check on me, and I apologize, I couldn't muster up the motiviation to even boot up my computer. It gathered dust, and I couldn't give it a glance without feeling guilt, nowing that as each day came and went, was another day I failed the blog world. But, I'm back and ready to begin an even better year than last. I look forward to catching up with all friends!

Lots of Blogs Hugs,



  1. I have definitely missed you - and glad to see you are back. Here's to a Happy & Healthy New Year! xxoo

  2. Hey honey, we are allowed to have a break, don't feel bad.

    Hope you had a really happy Christmas and New Year.

    Wishing you much happiness for 2010 :)

  3. We sure have missed you!!! Glad you are back. We all get in a valley once in awhile. The main thing is that you look forward to a wonderous new year with lots of great adventures ahead XOXO

  4. Oh girl I understand. It's okay. I missed ya! I sent out your giveway too! Welcome back. *hugs*

  5. Warmest welcome back, Nicolette sweetie, I have definitely missed your inspiration laden posts and wonderful spirit!

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so very much for your wonderful comments recently (and throughout 2009), they mean a tremendous amount to me (as does your friendship).

    I really hope that your year is off to a sparklingly fantastic start, and that each of the days that follows will continually be even more amazing for you than the last!

    Giant hugs & endless joyful wishes for 2010,

  6. Woo hoo. You're back! Hope you enjoyed your break!

  7. Happy New Year and welcome back!


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