A Day on the Slopes


Ok, ok...

Today was the first time I have attempted skiing since I was about 10 years old.

Since, I'm still on Eastern time for my mini-vacation in California,
I woke for the Early Bird private ski lesson.
(Although, I had been nervously tossing and turning since 5:30a.m.)

A one hour lesson is not very long
to prepare this not-so-athletic girl to venture the slopes on her own.
But I was determined.

I only fell once.
Ok twice,
 if you count losing my balance
within the first couple of minutes trying to
get onto the moving walkway for the learners section (pre-bunny hill).

Yes, they had to stop the moving walkway and my instructor had to help me up.
But I pressed on... and after a couple baby hills,
I moved on to an easy run on my own,
where I gained too much speed
for my breaking ability and wiped out.

After that things were smooth sailing. 
But I quickly realized how much effort and muscle it takes to break down hill.
Now I can hardly walk.
But it was worth it!
Just a couple more tries and I'll be ready for the 2014 Olympics.



  1. Okay this is totally so cool!! I wish I could ski, I can't ski at all. I give you soo much credit girl to try going by yourself! I'll look for you in the next Olympics ;)

  2. Only twice! That is awesome. Glad you made it back in one piece. :-)

  3. Oh too funny....way to go girl! It is soooo much harder initially than you think, great job.

  4. Good job, Nicolette! Sounds like fun...my niece and nephew are up skiing and snow boarding in Tahoe right now. Have fun with Mom! xxoo :)

  5. I bet I would be great skiing! *sarcasm*

    Hope you're not too sore!


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