Expressions of Love

Psychologically Speaking

Last year I received these stuffed monkeys

for Valentine's Day.

Each morning when my sweetheart

makes the bed

he postions the monkeys in a loving way.

Some days the red one (him)

is facing the doorway,

and hugging the pink one,

and I know on those days

he is comforting me.

When he is in need of a little TLC,

the pink one is hugging the red.

On this particular day,

I set up the monkeys.

I honestly wasn't trying to imply anything...

I swear.



  1. We used to call each other our little monkeys. So we got two monkeys that link together (hugging). We use them when we are separted by distance. If he travels and Im at home etc. Then when we are reunited, so are the monkeys!

  2. How cute and I love how you set them up *wink*!

    Love and hugs,

  3. LOL on the romantic sweet monkeys!
    I thought this blog is G-rated~hehe*


  4. Those are adorable and in an appropriate position - no offense taken here...haha...! xxoo

  5. You two don't argue just so you can make up do you??? Ha Ha


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