Happy Friday!!

Dear John

Dear John is released in the theaters today. I finished the novel by Nicholas Sparks last Friday night.

I can honestly say, I can't remember the last time I was so deeply moved by a book. My gut turned inside out as I approached the last few chapters. I didn't want to finish the book, as it was a true page-turner. I finished it faster than any books I've completed in the past few years. I tried to make it last by spending my afternoon breaks at work outside in the courtyard by the waterfall tanning my arms and feet reading a chapter at a time. But as the end dredged near, angst mustered up in my stomach. I was growing seriously stressed that there would be no more of this story, I yearned for it to go on and on. And I was deeply nervous about the way things would end. This being the first Nicholas Sparks book I've actually read, I simply had to read it before the movie was released. Even though I'm freshly back into the reading groove, it's been difficult to select a book that could follow up this one. I needed a few days to relish and process the outstanding story of love. I have to choose my next book with care, because the average chic-lit story will just not do.

So, tonight is date night and I think you can guess what we are going to see!

Any suggestions for my next book? I love to hear what books you have enjoyed.

Happy Friday!!!



  1. I've cried at every Nicolas Sparks movie. Absolutely HYSTERICAL in The Notebook. I've decided its best I stay away from this one.

  2. Don't you just love books like that? I haven't read much since I started working again, but one of my resolutions was to read more so I'm going to read that book. Thanks for the suggestion! Two of my favorite books of all time are "Life of Pi" and "The Time Traveler's Wife' (Much better than the movie IMO). Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your movie!

  3. I want to see that movie! It looks like a good one. My favorite books were the Land of Elyon series! I found them in the children's section at the library!
    -Missy May

  4. I saw this movie tonight and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!

  5. Hmmmmm. Date night. What's that again?? Ah ha ha

  6. Time for romance indeed~
    I want to watch this, with Kleenex in my hands!

  7. I really really wanna read this book! Ive read some other by they author and really loved it.
    The movie dont release in Norway for a while yet so I may have time... hehe! ove your blog btw!


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