Kim Anderson

Remembering this popular 90's photographer of young love.

All photos by Kim Anderson.

thanks to everyone for your
book suggestions...

Dear John was good,
but different from the book,
and I saw it with every 'tween'
in Fort Lauderdale at our showing,
who managed to giggle the entire time.

Forget date night...
I'm sticking with the early bird 10am special.

Happy Monday!


  1. These cards brought back brother actually used them in a collage style format along with a poem he had written for his girlfriend. He presented it to her the first time he told her he loved her, and now they are happily married, and the collage and poem are framed and hangs in the hallway as a constant reminder of young love.

  2. Oh I remember these photos. There were so many cards from the 90's with these. So cute!!

  3. Those photos are so cute. I once had a boss that collected them. Thanks for reminding me of her! (Really! She was a good boss.)

  4. I left an award for you on my blog!

  5. aw I always loved these too!


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