Live from Truckee

A Little Picture Story

My bedroom view this morning.

Mom and I went to Northstar Resort
and took the gondola up to the Ritz Carlton.

We had four cheese pizza with chorizo and endives,
with a side of bubbly macaroni.

Yesterday I constructed a snowman.

My new buddy.

Buddy greeting all visitors.

Mom and I took a walk and discovered all kinds of tracks.

I'm guessing... a little snow hare?

I just love it here.

Oh yes, mom redeemed herself.

The cookies were delicious!

Tomorrow I am going for a private ski lesson...
and I'm a little nervous. :)

(All photos via iPhone, only way I could blog here, so sorry they are not that clear.)



  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place you're in right now. Love the snowman and the cookies look yummy! Good luck with your ski lesson. I don't guess I'm supposed to say "break a leg"? hahaha. (Seriously. DON'T.) xxoo

  2. Aww cute! Have fun in the snow :D

  3. Have fun looks like you are having a great time...!!

  4. Ahhh, my boyfriend has a house in Truckee! So cozy, isn't it?

    ps- That pizza looks amazing!

  5. Your new friend is too cute!
    Heart melting~~~

  6. I love Truckee! It's an amazingly beautiful place on the planet... Where are you doing skiing? I hope you have fun playing in the snow... brings back fun memories. xo Julie

  7. Wow, that place looks beautiful!!! The pizza is making me hungry :)..I am sure you really enjoyed your getaway up there..I think your mom picked a great place to move to, looks so charming...

  8. looks beautiful! What a lovely window view :)


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