Biography Weekend Review

I spent part of the weekend "reviewing" biographies.
Coco Before Channel has been around the blogosphere for awhile,
but my interest in it derived from my dear friend, Sheila from England,
 who was once a live-in tutor/ caregiver for Coco's nephews
 and I wanted to learn more about this timeless icon.
What an empowering movie!

Another motivating movie was Amelia...
which anyone can appreciate the once fearless flier's bravery. 

Lastly, my beau and I watched
10 Questions for the Dali Lama,
which neither of us were too familiar with
life in Tibet or Tibet's struggle with China.

It was a great documentary and we were thus able to appreciate some
amazing journalistic photography we saw this weekend
at the Las Olas Art Fair in Fort Lauderdale
by Robin Smillie, president of Rainbow Photo Tours, who operates tours to Bhutan.
To see his personal gallery, visit his website HERE. 

Happy Monday!!


  1. You watched two of my favorite films/documentary! Coco before Chanel was AMAZING! And I cannot get enough of the Dalai Lama's peaceful happiness.

    Amelia is in my queue.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. Just watched Coco Before Chanel. I liked it a lot.

  3. audrey tautou is one of my very favorite actresses. I haven't seen Chanel yet, but I loved Amelie! Marcia

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing Amelia! Lots of aviation in my family so it is a must see. :o)

  5. I loved the Chanel movie especially with Audrey in it....she is one of my fave actresses! Looking forward to watching Amelia & The Dalai Lama documentary too....!! Thanks for sharing! xxoo :)

  6. I loved Coco before Chanel! I definitely have to watch the other movies!


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