Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travel Thursday


Cliffs of Moher
Photograph by Ryan Donnell via National Geographic.

Eagle Island Lighthouse
Photograph by Chris Rainier via National Geographic.

Pastoral Ireland
Photograph by Jim Richardson via National Geographic.

Something about Ireland makes me yearn
my ancestory was from such a mystical place.

Something about it makes me want to own sheep
grow cabbage and potatoes,
write by the fireplace on a gray day wrapped in wool sweater,
and drive an ity bity car to town through bright green hills of grass and stone.

Click HERE for Ten Movies to put you in the mood to visit Ireland.

A few of my favorites Irish based flicks...

Waking Ned Devine,
P.S. I Love You
Leap Year.

Happy Traveling!!


  1. I just watched "Leap Year" and it had such beautiful scenery!

  2. hehe I agree with Yelena! That movie makes me wanna go there so bad!!

  3. Oh I agree totally about Ireland. That last pic is great!

  4. Those pictures look like scenes from Alice In Wonderland! Very beautiful!



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