Way Back When

Image via Flickr.

Growing up, I had a view like this from my bedroom.
Whenever I woke up I looked out at my very own wisteria tree.
It was my mom's pride and joy.
She posed me in front of it every year when it would bloom to take my portrait.
I have been yearning for my own garden the past few weeks more than anything in the world, and to be perfectly honest, today was one of those days when there is nothing more I want than to curl up in that old bedroom and gaze out the window at that wisteria tree in full bloom.


  1. That is just gorgeous. I always dream of growing lilac bushes in front of my house someday. I just love the look and smell of them!

  2. What a beautiful view to grow up with! :)

  3. I heard Wisteria takes about 6 years to mature for the first bloom~ worth the wait I must say~


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