Travel Thursday

Workday Travel

Sometimes reality isn't so bad.
This is where I slip away during the work day
to read in the sun
for the Aventura Book Club,
which my friend, Marylin, the founder of ABC
 has just started her very own blog.
Visit her at Aventura Book Worm.

And if you're looking for love in South Florida,
Marylin is also the founder of Elite Mergers.

Where do you go to 'slip away' during the day?


  1. Love those photos! looks so peaceful :) I slip away at Barnes and Noble haha!
    Thanks for the ABC and EM mentioning :) See you Tuesday!

  2. I have an award for you on my blog!

  3. I work in a small two story office building called The French Quarter and it has a beautiful little courtyard with ivy flowing from all the walls and flowers everywhere...I just love going to work and walking up the brick steps...truly a peaceful environment...then I open the office door and my world changes...haha...:) Have a great weekend! xxoo :)


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