Chateau de la Fontenelle

Sorry I have been a blog brat. No excuses.
Just having a little me time with a pout here and there.
When I wished my mother and grandmother a Happy Mother's Day yesterday,
the first thing they both said was, "You haven't blogged in awhile."

What I've been doing...
baking souffles, spring cleaning,
organizing a new summer wardrobe,
manicures and pedicures, Barnes & Nobles,
lazy lunches, possibly planning a sabbatical,
and watching way too many House Hunters International,
which leads to way too many hours looking at real estate abroad on line.
I did find a Chateau that has caught my eye.

Chateau De La Fontenelle
Listed for $1.6 Million Euros on Viviun.

Cheers to a New Week!


  1. Glad your back, we've missed your blogs!!! Keep em coming.

  2. Ahhh...I can't even believe that those types of homes really exist LOL! So pretty! And be thankful that your family actually READS your blog...I have to remind mine that I even have one! Have a great week : )

  3. Your non blogging days sound fabulous! I, too am a House Hunter International, love, love dreaming of living in all of those places! Have a great day, I have missed you! xxoo :)


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