Jamie Deen

Lady & Sons Restaurant
Savannah, GA

On our roadtrip to Beaufort, SC,
we stopped in Savannah specifically to grab lunch at Lady & Sons,
which is owned by Paula Deen (Food Network star).
I was dying to try her Fried Green Tomatos
and Crabcake Sandwich,
but we only had one hour parking,
and the wait was very long,
I was more than a little crushed,
so I said "I'll just buy something from her shop
next door instead."

But I got something better than a crabcake...
Jamie Deen, Paula's son was there!!!
Both brothers, Jamie and Bobbie regularly appear on her show,
which led to them becoming hosts of their own show.
So I purchased a book,
which happened to be signed by Paula,
and Jamie signed it as well.
He was so sweet, his momma raised him right with that Southern Charm.
He posed for a picture with me, and even signed a postcard for my grandmother
who loves to watch Paula
and has agreed for years that Jamie is easy on the eyes.

That make two Food Network stars for me this spring!!
(If you missed the Giada De Laurentiis book signing read again HERE.)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. That was a really terrific experience. The pictures are great. He is easy on the eyes. I was so surprised when I saw the postcard-----
    Dorothy..How sweet of you.

  2. What a cool experience. You two took a great picture together. What a great weekend you guys had..You will have to try out some of the recipes in the book and let us know how they were...

  3. I agree with your grandma... Jamie is definately easy on the eyes!!! :)

  4. No way! I love Paula and her sons and I love Giada. I'm going to have to hop on over to that post.

  5. Ahhhhhhh, I looooooove Jamie. That is so awesome!

  6. Ohh how awesome!!!! I love Paula Dean. So cool that you got to meet him!!!

  7. I've been trying to get Evan take me to the South just so I could go to a Paula Deen restaurant :) ! You are so lucky.


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