Travel Thursday

~Morocco Revisted~

In January, I blogged about a tour of Morocco with Cosmos for $880. After I posted that blog, my friend Lynne, whom I met on my European Sampler tour last year, emailed me to say that she had just signed up for this tour of Morocco before seeing my blog. I considered it may be fate, that I should attend with her, and it is with much regret that each month quickly went by and I opted to put vacation on hold. Today is the day this tour begins, and I am so envious that I am not accompanying Lynne, but anticipate seeing her photos, and hope she drinks lot of mint tea for me.

She will be taking an excursion to witness a sunset on the Sahara desert!

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Happy Traveling!!


  1. This is my husband's dream trip ~ or rather, he wishes to relocate here! Either way, I'm going to do my very best to make his dream come true next year. I'll keep you posted....

  2. To visit Morocco is definitely on my bucket list!


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