10 Reasons I Love Beaufort, South Carolina

A Summary of My Vacation

1.  Antebellum Homes

2.  "She" Crab Soup from Groupers
    (The 'she' is from the female blue crabs which contains a unique taste from the orange roe.)

3.  Old Oaks Trees Covered with Spanish Moss

4.  Afternoon thunderstorms & Beautiful Sunsets

5.  Close to the charming and historic towns of Savannah & Charleston. (my little carriage ride)

6.  Getting pampered at Lime Lite Salon.

(yes, my real name)

7.  Seeing little bunnies on bike rides in the evenings.

8.  Staking out potential new homes and their front door views.

9.  Hopes of a Cupcake shop in this historic gas station.

10.  Fantastic little coastal boutiques all around.

Ya'll Come Back!


  1. What an inspired post~!! These are no longer the reasons you love it... they're the reasons I love it, seriously looks amazing.

  2. You sure have a way of making everyone want to pack and and move there!!! It looks so quaint. Love that little gas station.

  3. Woa it looks so nice!! I love Antebellum Homes! The columns are gorgeous! The Spanish moss is awesome too! What awesome pictures of the storm!! Gas station + Cupcakes? hehe. That makes me giggle! What a great vacation!! Good for you dear!

  4. I love the houses, so beautiful! It looks like an amazing vacation :)


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