Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Eats Wednesday

Summer Lovin' & Pets

Model: Coco Eating Watermelon

We all go a little crazy for our favorite summer time produce...

I was so excited to see signs for Home Grown Tomatoes
on my trip, that I stopped to buy quite a good amount.
I've made fresh salsa every night for dinner this week... it's been bliss.

I remember when I was a little girl I would eat tomatoes
as if they were apples straight from our garden.

Seems my dad is having problems with theft in his garden,
his lovely little Coco -- beats him to his crop.
Coco loves to eat cucumbers, jalepenos,
and best of all, juicy watermelon.

I have my own little critter problem to contend with as well...
I had to hide all those perfectly ripe beefsteak tomatoes
on the top of the refrigerator from my little Sage.
I can't count how many times, I've been scared in the middle of the night
to the sound of rummaging as if a burglar has broken into our home.
But when I turn on the lights, it's only little Sage
looking at me with big doe eyes happily
sopping up the juice from a splattered tomato on the floor.
She will even come running if I say the word, "Mato!"

Model: Sage

Do you have a pet with a unique favorite food?


  1. Well I dont blame them! Vegetables and fruits (especially watermelon) are delicious this time of the year!

  2. Watermelon looks yummy! Organic??? 'Have not had a good one in a very long time! Have your dad ship me one (along with some blackeye peas) and I promise to reciprocate with homemade fresh tortillas! :)

  3. Animals know what good food is! Yum...we try to get back home in mid-summer for homegrown tomatoes and sweet corn but had to make an earlier trip this year.

  4. Colette darling, as always, a lovely post, so eloquently written. Wishing you a lovely summer full of sunshine and blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  5. Oh hi there honey,

    This one is so funny, I just love the pic's of your dad's dog and your cat. We have a dog and cat and I can so relate to this. Our dog eats anything from wood upwards but our cat only likes tuna and her special biscuits....she's a diva you know!!

    hugs DJ

  6. Dogs eat watermelon?!!! I didn't know that! Well I guess I shouldn't be so surprised - my dog used to love strawberries :-)

  7. That is too cute - my kitty would not go NEAR a tomato, i know that for sure, but he is absolutely OBSESSED with any kind of cheese. The minute I open the cheese drawer, there he is, staring at my and meowing like crazy.



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