Sunset Magazine Test Gardens

Menlo park, Ca.

Photos by: Kimberly Burch for Sunset Magazine

For all you Californians, or those planning a trip to California,
consider a self-guiding walking tour through Sunset magazine test gardens
in Menlo Park, Ca. What a nice little outing that would be!
For more information visit Sunset.

Hope Everyone is Enjoying the Weekend!


  1. That looks stunning. Can I just live there?

  2. If only I had a Cali trip coming up! Sigh.

  3. I would love to get lost in this beautiful garden.

  4. I would love to take a tour of that. I can't believe in all the years I lived in the Bay Area,that I have never been to this beautiful place...Menlo Park is a really cool town too! xxoo :)


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