Zurich, Switzerland

Keukenhof Gardens, Holland
(Handpainted apron with artist name same as mine!)
I bought one of course. :)

It dawned on me that my One Year Blogiversary passed this week,
and I wanted to give a BIG Thank You to everyone who has come to visit this past year!
It was been an amazing road that has led to many great and exciting things to come.
While I regret I don't have as much leisure as I did in the past to spend all day
visiting other blogs like I wish I could.
(I had my own private office last year...which is not the case this summer... shh!)
But I do visit often, although the commenting is not everyday.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me!
Your encouragement and friendship has done wonders for my soul.

Sending much love & hugs,




  1. Congrats on your year blogiversary! Hopefully many more posts to come :-)

  2. Happy One Year Blogiversary! :) That's such an exciting milestone!!
    I love the booklist you have - loved Eat Pray Love (and so good that you read it before the movie's coming out!)
    Have a very lovely day today!!

  3. Congrats on your big 1 year and thanks for the great blog for us to read!

  4. Happy Blogiversary - I for one am glad that I found you - you are always entertaining and inspiring....!! I, too don't have alot of time to make my blog rounds but do so when I have a few moments! Have a gorgeous week! xxoo :)

  5. Thank you for postimg such interesting blogs. I alwas look forward to pulling uo simply colette.
    Keep them coming.


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